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Joined: Feb 19, 2009
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(Msg. 1) Posted: Thu Feb 19, 2009 8:32 am

http://nostale.utopianz.net (Nostale Utopianz)Welcome to Nostale Ragnarok

A high rate server with easy to leveling and finding item.Fun WOE[war of emperium] and Quest. 3 biggest guild in MRO malaysia
VIP[EX-NEO],CLANX[EX-CHAOS]and NEO.The GMs on our server are friendly and active. We promise your experience will be better than any you've had before. Check out our website and forums.

Server Info

Rates: 7000x/7000x
Max level 99/70
Max stats 99
All classes Included except soul linker
Homunculus supported
Fun quests
Warper[Easy to Warp To Town,Field,Dungeon,Guild Dungeon]
MVP Warper
Stat Skill Resetter
Nice Prontera
PvP Warper
Shops For Common Item
Easy To Refine
Npc Refine
Bot Buff Is Allowed For PVP & WOE [Opencore]
No Donation!!!
Event 2 days Per Week
WOE 4 days per Week

Server ni baru je open so player tak ramai lg ...aku dah ajak 3 guild terbesar kat MRO tp derang ambil masa nak regroup balik..server ni tak ada donation nak bg fair la..banyak quest baru tp tak ada sampai stat beratus atau berpuluh.

server ni senang nak leveling, ada shop item lagi kat gonryun.npc warper senangkan korang nak warp ke town/dungeon.Healer and normal buff for leveling dengan cepat.

refine eq kat sini leh cecah +8 ah untuk lvl 3,4 weapon ,armor,footgear.level 1 things leh dapat +10 ..WOE & PVP kat sini fun skit .WOE 1 CASTLE je payon..

So meh lah try and join server ni...

 >> Stay informed about: COME JOIN NOSTALE RO..NICE PRIVATE SERVER!!! 
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